Answer the following questions (Zaa Ajụjụ ndi a). Make sure to listen to each audio before choosing your answers.


1. Kedu okwu na-ekwu maka enyo enyo  a? Which  of the following sound means stomach in Igbo?

2. Gịnị ka a na-akpọ inyo okoko a? Which of the following two mean (say) fingers in Igbo?

3. Supelue ihe a Ị na-ahu inyo okoko ya. (Supelue ife a Ị na-afu enyo okoko ya)

(USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS). Please spell what you see in picture in Igbo? 

Type your answer into the box provided  above. Copy and Paste these capital  letters as  needed

KP, O, Ọ, Ụ, Ụ

4. Gịnị bụ ihe a? (Gịnị bụ ife a?) What does this picture mean in Igbo?

5. Gịnị bụ aha abụọ a  na-akpọ ihe a? Gịnị bụ  afa ebụọ a  na-akpọ ife a? Which two names are hair in Igbo?

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